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How much does it cost to provide lifesaving Search and Rescue services?

$30 is the price of protective goggles, which improve vision during foul weather rescues

$50 pays for a strobe light, which could save the life of a crewmember swept overboard during a night rescue

$72 is the price of a helmet - essential for a crewmember racing at high speeds to a rescue

$150 pays for a utility vest, which gives a crewmember quick access to first aid and safety equipment

$400 buys a radio for fast communication between rescue crews and rescue coordinators

$500 is the price of an all-weather survival suit, necessary for British Columbia's freezing waters and harsh winter storms.

An average incident costs $174 in fuel and equipment wear and tear just to have a single crew tasked. This amount does not include the initial purchase of the vessel or the purchase of sophisticated navigation, communication and crew equipment onboard. 

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A short note about our funding...

Station 20 Pender Island does receive some money from the Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue every time we leave base on a tasking, or at a much reduced rate for training purposes.  However, this is barely enough to cover the cost of our fuel usage, which can be as high as 35+ gallons per hour under some conditions.

We are very grateful to our community and various other people and organisations who have helped us financially in our endeavours by their kind donations and support.  Without such support and the commitment of our unpaid volunteer crews, who are prepared to go out in all conditions, we would not be able to continue to provide our search and rescue (SAR) operation.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to those who have helped us in the past and to our current and future supporters!

If you would like to donate or feel that you may have benefited from our help and would like to express your appreciation, then we would welcome your donation by mail to:

Salish Sea Marine Rescue Society
PO Box 25
Pender Island
BC, V0N 2M2

Your help is very much appreciated.